Thursday, June 19, 2014

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

Egg Mayo Sandwich

  Aao batau tumhe ande ka funda.....Yesss Eggs...I m just crazy  about eggs ...would like to say "Tariff karu kya uski jisne tumhe banaya"....For me the proverb "Sunday ho ya monday roz khao ande" goes very well.I can have it in breakfast.lunch and dinner.Boiled ,scrambled,in desserts anything .I just start freaking when I see my egg slot in the refrigerator  goes empty .Luckily my husband too is a huge egg fan.
   Today the recipe is of a sandwich filled with egg and mayonnaise.Its a classic British sandwich often served with afternoon tea.The dish is very simple and needs very less ingredients.You can make it as simple as just mixing egg and mayo with salt & pepper or enhance the flavour by adding herbs ,cheese,mustard ....according to your palette .A sandwich which not only elders devour but kids too love it.

Difficulty level : Very Easy
Preparation Time : 5 minutes
Cooking time   : 10 minutes


  • Eggs 2 boiled and finely chopped
  • Mayonnaise  2 Tbs
  • Salt  To taste
  • Crushed pepper 1/4 Tsp
  • Cayenne pepper/Chili powder 1/4 Tsp
  • Onion small/Green onion  finely chopped
  • Dijon mustard  1/2 Tsp (optional)
  • Cilantro/Coriander  1 Tbs (optional)
  • Shredded cheese   1/4 Cup(optional)
  • Bread  4 slices


  • Boil eggs for 7-8 minutes until hard boiled.Let it cool.
  • Finely chop the eggs.
  • In a bowl mix all the ingredients .
  • Cut the sides of the bread slices. spread the above mixture over one slice of bread and place another slice over it.If you  want to serve as is...cut it into triangle,circle or whatever shape you like.
  • I like my sandwiches toasted .If you fall in that category spread butter on one side of the slice filling the mixture on other side .Cover it with another slice and  put it in a griddle butter side down. Keep it for few seconds and flip it over and take it out when its done.

  • After boiling eggs place it under running cold water for some time.This ensures that the eggs are not overcooked with rubber like texture.
  • Can avoid adding onions if you dont like the raw taste of the onion.Green onions can be used instead.
  • Can add herbs of your choice like parsley,dill .

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