Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Disco Fried Egg (Mumbai street food )

Disco Fried Egg (Mumbai street food)

The name itself  will attract you to see the post right?...Sounds something different, That's what happened with me when I got bored with the usual bread omelet stuff and was looking for some new breakfast recipes done with eggs and I bumped upon a you tube video with a heading saying " Disco fried eggs"  and it got me curious to watch and after watching it looked so tempting that  I decided to have it made in my kitchen the very next morning. Asked hubby dear to bring some fresh pav while heading back to home from office .
       Disco fried eggs has nothing to do with dancing eggs(LOL) ,Its basically an omelet made using spice powders and pav directly placed above the eggs and cooked. A nice alternative t the old omelet and toast. An Indian style masala omelet . A great  quick fix for breakfast ,lunch or even dinner if you are in jiffy and too lazy to cook.

2 Eggs
2Tbs Finely chopped Coriander/cilantro
2Tbs Finely chopped green onions
A pinch of Red chili powder
A pinch of  Cumin powder
A pinch of  Chaat masala
A pinch of  Garam masala
Salt To Taste
1Tbs Cooking Oil
2 Pavs /soft bread roll

  •  Heat the oil in a  tawa or flat bottom pan , add chopped coriander leaves.

  • Crack two eggs on top of the coriander, with fork scramble a little  to break the egg yolk.

  • Now sprinkle chili powder, cumin powder ,chaat masala ,garam masala and salt on top of the scrambled eggs, sprinkle chopped  green onion  on top.

  • Place the pav buns or brad roll on top of the eggs. The eggs should still be a bit runny and uncooked.

  • Sprinkle all the spice powders and salt over the buns.
  • Using a masher used for pav bhaji , push the pav down into the eggs. Cook for 1 minute while still pressing ,turn the omelet over gently and cook the other side.

  • Press it  slightly with a spatula and cook until its fully done.

  • Serve hot with fresh cilantro and chopped onions.
  • Enjoy!!!!!

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