Friday, August 1, 2014

Ghee Rice (Ney choru ) Malabar style ghee rice

Ney choru  - Malabar style Ghee Rice

   Rice is a staple food in southern parts of India and is eaten in daily basis. You can find numerous varieties of rice preparation in south India .One such preparation very famous in northern parts of Kerala is  Ghee rice or as said "Ney Choru " in Malyalam . A the name can tell that in this rice preparation generous amount of ghee/clarified butter is used along with whole spices .Malabar region is famous for its whole spices and coffee .The use of ghee and whole spices in this rice dish gives it a rich flavor and is very fragrant .It  usually goes well with spicy non vegetarian dishes such as mutton or chicken curry . I served mine with  seekh kabab handi .

Churros con Chocolat (Churros and Chocolate sauce)

A churro, is a fried-dough pastry very similar the French choux pastry an is generally referred to as a Spanish doughnut only thing being its piped and cylindrical . Churros are vey popular in Spain, France and the United States. These are generally eaten as breakfast in Spain and Latin America and is usually served with warm chocolate sauce.

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