Saturday, June 14, 2014


Mango Icecream

Hello everyone...After leaving my blog unattended  for almost two years here I am all again making  my way in this whole blog world. Like any other person I too made some resolutions for the year 2014 among which was to post on my blog regularly and stick to the schedules .Despite having honest intentions to post and write on the very beginning of the year ,here I am almost six months later ... laboring for days and trying hard  to write a decent  post as a comeback...

       I do want to write and share quite often but with a toddler roaming in my house all day long and obviously  me running after him, it seems quite impossible to do the same.But from now on planning to post whenever possible ...


      To start off my first post,I want to start it with a sweet note...Something with the king of tropical fruits...any guesses ...MANGOES it is...Though its june and mango season is ending still you can get hold of those juicy mangoes from the market . Really amazing to see so many varieties of mangoes available these days from all over India at supermarkets be it  Dashehari and Langra from northen India,Banganapalli and Neelam from Andhra ,Totapuri,Mallika,Raspuri ,Kesar ,Pairi and not to forget ...the most beloved  variety of mango not only in India but abraod as well..Yes Alphonsos....known as Happoos grown in maharashtra,gujrat and konkan belt.

Being an ardent mango lover ,I have always found ways to eat it in all the way possible and use it in every possible way one can think off...Already started missing it with a thought of  mangoes going off shelves soon

Starting off  my post with a very simple mango ice cream which uses just five ingredients.
This light creamy ice-cream is very easy to make and it does not require an ice cream maker either.


Ingredients :
 11/2 Cup peeled and diced Alphonso or any other mangoes
 3-4 Tbsp Sugar
 1/2 Can Condensed milk (nestle Milkmaid )
 1 cup Fresh cream ( Milky mist /Amul )
 1 Cup Milk

Directions :
1. Using blender or food processor blend the mangoes with the sugar and milk into a puree.
2. In a bowl whip the cream using beater or hand whisk till soft peaks are formed,set aside.
3. Combine the pureed mangoes and condensed milk and mix well.
4. Now slowly add the above mixture to the whipped cream stirring gently.
5.Transfer the mixture in container.Cover it with tight lid and freeze till it is half set for about 3-4 hrs.
6.Remove and blend the ice cream till its smooth and cream.
7.Transfer it back to container.Cover it and freeze till it is set.
8.Once its set , Scoop and serve with your choice of toppings.

1) Ready made mango pulp can be used instead of fresh mangoes
2) Saffron can be added as mangoes and saffron flavour complement each other very well.
3) If you are in hurry can blend all the ingredients together in food processor including the cream.(no need to whip it separate).


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