Sunday, June 15, 2014


         Continuing with the mango madness,here is another simple but flavourful mango recipe "Aamras".As the  name says it all
its nothing but plain mango pulp flavoured with cardamom ,saffron.Very famous in Maharashtra,Gujarat and rajasthan household in summer time when the mangoes are in season.

          In our place its generally served with hot puris ,parathas and may seem very unusaul but common in vidarbha region ,with homemade wholewheat vermicelli.
 I remember my childhood days when on vacation time mom use to make these vermicelli  and we use to have "Ras sevai" for breakfast .Even today its eaten in many households in vidarbha region.
  I like to eat it with hot parathas if not pooris. Aamras is always served chilled so make it 2-3 hours ahead of time and refrigerate it .

       2 cups Peeled and chopped Alphonso mangoes
       Sugar as per taste
       1/4 Tspn Salt
       2-3 Tbsp Water/milk (optional)
       1/2 Tsp Cardamom powder (optional)
       1/2 Tsp Crushed saffron (optional)

      Blend the mangoes with sugar ,salt and milk/water (if needed) till smooth.
      Pour into a airtight container or individual serving bowl.Chill and serve.
      Serve it with hot pooris,parathas or as it is....Either way it will taste heaven..

   Notes :

  •     It can be refrigerated  in and air tight container upto 3,4 days. 
  •     Always store it in a good grade plastic container  or glass bowl.Avoid storing it in steel or any         metal bowl as it will react with the metal and get black .
  •     I like to add  little salt to any sweet dish .but its optional.
  • Best served with hot pooris ,parathas and give it a try with boiled vermicelli .

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