Monday, June 23, 2014

Just 3 Ingredients Mango Icecream

Easy Mango Ice cream

 read it right...You just need 3 ingredients to make this ice cream.With just few ingredients you can get creamy,yummy icecream which is unbelievably easy to make but it doesn't mean you have to compromise with the taste.It is as tasty and delicious and again you don't need an ice cream maker .


Ready made Mango pulp 30 oz can
Sweetened Condensed milk 14 oz can
Whipped Cream (Cool whip) 8 oz Tub


  • In a big bowl pour the mango pulp and condensed milk,Mix it well.
  • Now gently mix the whipped cream to the above mixture.
  • Transfer the mixture in a freezer proof container.Cover it with a tight lid and allow it to freeze till set.
  • Serve!!!


  •  Fresh mango pulp can also be used.
  • No need to blend it in blender.In case you find it crystallizes ,blend it and allow it to set it freezer. 

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